Friday, March 12, 2010

Investing Responsibly with SRI

Earlier today, on MomsMakingaMillion radio, I discussed the topic of socially responsible investing.  I have written about this topic numerous times and will continue to do so as the effort to invest where the right thing is being done continues to expand.  Once it was all about ethics and morality.  Now it is including shareholder advocacy and community involvement.

Here is a transcript of the interview I had with Kat Bellucci.

Kat Bellucci: A lot of us have become very aware about what we eat, what we buy and what kind of a footprint we leave. And then, when we invest our money, we often don’t consider that the companies we are buying in our mutual funds might be the very businesses we would avoid in the marketplace.
Well ladies, its time to take a look at taking your investments down a path that suits your concerns about the world around and the world your children will inherit?

Paul Petillo: Most investors are narrowly focused.  They want to make money.  But some investors want to make money without destroying the environment, without violating their personal values and possibly even helping others in the process.

While these types of investments have been around for decades, the cost of doing this sort of investment was not always cheap.  The sorts of investments first came across my radar when my daughter, a free spirit who was interested in investing asked me: “are there any mutual funds that are ethical?”

What she was really asking was whether the companies that the mutual funds invested in were screened for more than just performance.  While we would like to believe that all mutual funds are ethical; what about the companies they invest in?

Kat: So what describes ethical?

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