Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Skills to Pursue Online During Your Golden Years

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Skills to Pursue Online During Your Golden Years



Image courtesy of Pixabay


Your golden years can be your years of golden opportunities!  Adding to your skill set and increasing personal growth is a terrific fountain of youth.  Thanks to the internet, there is a wealth of options available. 


Why you should be learning


One of the best things you can do to keep your mind sharp as you age is to keep it active.  Just as physical exercise benefits your body, mental exercise benefits your brain.  According to studies cited by Psychology Today, choices you make in how you live can maintain your brain’s resilience and ability to age well.  You can actually boost your brain’s health and slow cognitive aging with mental, physical, and social activity.  There is every indication that not only can you learn new things as you age, it’s actually good for you! 


Exploring possibilities


The internet is a deep well of information, and you are likely to find resources for virtually anything you would enjoy exploring.  Contemplate what topics interest you, and then start surfing!  Choose something fun and exciting, perhaps something you always wanted to learn about but haven’t had the chance to.  You don’t need to worry about grades and deadlines, so this is your opportunity to do anything you would enjoy.  Here are some options that we really like:


Home Projects.  You may find that making certain home improvements can actually be quite enjoyable, especially if they're a source of entertainment.  For example, if you have space in your backyard for a fire pit, you may want to consider installing one, as it can also boost the appearance of your outdoor space.  You can create one yourself by following online step-by-step guides, and there are different types of fire pits you can choose from, such as in-ground and tin.  Gather the necessary materials and get building!


Art.  Being creative offers benefits to your wellness, reducing depression and helping you feel happier and more productive and increasing social connections.  Experts note the impact is so powerful it might even reduce many health care and medical needs.  Class Central suggests exploring free online courses at the Museum of Modern Art for information that is relevant, creative, and inspiring.  Selections are rich and varied, with courses on everything from fashion to photography to understanding abstract painting.  It’s sure to get your creative juices flowing!  


Music. If you’ve always loved music but have never been able to pursue it, now is a better time than ever. The internet can help you with every part of the process, from buying your instrument to taking lessons. For example, if you’ve always wanted to learn to play the trumpet, you can check out online instrument reviews and pick the best trumpet for you. Then, you can search the web for an in-person instructor, or take individual or group online lessons on sites like YouTube and 8Notes. The internet makes it possible for you to take up this hobby without ever having to leave home!


Nutrition.  Looking to learn more about improving your well-being through food?  Monash University offers a free online course called “Food as Medicine” throughout the year.  This terrific program offers information on how food can boost health, fight chronic disease, and prevent illness.  You also learn how to evaluate what is in food and recognize good choices for your health and well-being.


Language.  According to some studies, no matter how old you are, there are benefits in learning a new language.  Also, for many adults, learning a new language can be easier than for children, since you already have a foundation of grammar and structuring words to build on.  You can find free language courses online that cover a range of fluent levels. 


Photography.  According to some researchers, learning digital photography is particularly valuable, engaging your mind in ways that offer a superior memory boost over activities like doing word puzzles and other less engaging mental exercises.  Harvard University offers a free, self-paced program. 


Live and learn!  Make your golden years even brighter by adding online learning to your lifestyle.  Broadening your skills and exercising your brain is healthy and fun.  Decide what you would like to learn, and get surfing!