Monday, September 27, 2021

How to Use Technology to Boost Senior Health


How to Use Technology to Boost Senior Health

Seniors make up a big part of the population. In fact, Senior Living notes there are roughly 47 million seniors living in the United States, and that number will soon go up as the baby boomer generation approaches the defining age of 65. With numbers like that, some experts fear we could face a serious health crisis.  Yet while those statistics may sound daunting, modern technology provides older adults with advantages previous generations couldn’t enjoy.


Boomers Retirement invites you to read on for some of the many ways today’s seniors can put tech to work for better well-being.

Smartphone Apps

Perhaps the most convenient way to utilize technology for senior health is to download helpful apps to your smartphone. Here are a few favorites:

     Fabulous is a motivational health app that lets users set goals and gives daily reminders to encourage them to make a routine out of their most healthy habits.

     The GoodRx app can help seniors find discounts on prescription medications, and most pharmacies these days have their own downloadable app so seniors can order their refills in a matter of seconds.

     The Red Panic Button app lets users summon anyone in their emergency contact list simply by pressing one easy button.


While apps are simple to use, they are typically powered by complex programming. Seniors should know in advance that many feature-rich apps require more power, memory, and speed to run well than some older smartphones provide. If it’s time to find a more suitable phone, there are plenty of plans and models that are up to the task, and some service providers allow trade-ins of older models for discounts on new ones. Remember that buying a new phone may require some other purchases since your current phone case or charger may not be compatible with newer smartphone models

Smart Home Devices

For the simple purpose of making life easier, CNET notes smart home devices are a great way for seniors to utilize technology in their homes. Bluetooth speakers equipped with AI assistants, like the Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo, make it easy for people to create grocery lists, set alarms and reminders, check the weather, and play music, just by simply talking to the device.


Another suggestion is to hook up a Smart Hub with smart door locks, light bulbs, and thermostat, so seniors can control just about everything in the home without even standing up. The possibilities are nearly endless!


One of the biggest technological advances in recent history is the development of GPS for public use. For people suffering from memory ailments like Alzheimer's and dementia, GPS services can be utilized to locate a person in the event that they wander off and get lost. GPS sensors can be worn as bracelets or be added to clothing or shoes, so loved ones can be located quickly before they can hurt themselves. It’s an unobtrusive way to boost safety and peace of mind.

Medicare Open Enrollment

Beyond the home environment and daily life, healthcare also involves routine care from medical professionals. With that in mind, seniors must remember that the Medicare Open Enrollment period is from October 15 through December 7 each year.


During this time, seniors can change from Original Medicare to Medicare Advantage or vice versa. They can also switch Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D plans. Sometimes seniors find a reduction in their out-of-pocket expenses by switching plans, and it can mean broader healthcare coverage.


AARP points out the benefits provided through Medicare Advantage are more extensive than ever, so many seniors find it’s worth making comparisons to see if they can come out ahead. Technology steps in to help here as well, since those who wish to make changes can do so online, and those who do not want changes do not need to do anything as plans will auto-renew.


Seniors of today have more health-related advantages than any previous generation. Thanks to technology, seniors can utilize these tips to improve their daily routine, stay safe and more independent, and check their Medicare plan. With just a bit of tech at their fingertips, it’s a chance for a happier and healthier life.

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