Sunday, March 13, 2016

Retirement ?? Really!

Several links to Boomers & Retirement...  If you can afford it.

A Case of Agism?
Fremont woman finds herself living on the street
By Rebecca Parr, Stephanie Welch weathered the booms and busts of Silicon Valley since its infancy in the 1960s, always able to find a job but that changed during the recession and a health setback where she now finds herself living on the street and bewildered. 2016-3-5 11:00:00 A.M.

Sad but true stories of many older Americans who can not afford to retire.

    I usually have a short attention span, this is a compelling article that I can understand and identified with. I read it all the way though to the end. As a real estate agent & started this endeavor in 2007, I have seen my fair share of homes being taken over by the banks. I have had to work on short sale & sell homes for clients who lost their jobs and no longer can afford to keep their homes. I have had my fair share of sadness seeing all the belongings left behind in the garages; family albums, children's shoes, books, clothes, boxes and boxes of stuff they no longer can take with them etc. I have so many friends who have been in these positions described in this article. This is one of the mostheart breaking, real life stories & who knows how manymore are out there? This is what's going on in our country, shrinking middleclass, aging poor and homelessness.