Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Condo Trends.

According to the article by M. Anthony Carr on Realty Times, the author said that Boomers are driving the trend of Less Is More.

He said that traditionally downsizing is not unusal for silver-haired generation. He added that in the 21st century, downsizing is speeding up since baby boomers are becoming enpty-nesters which tremendously changed their lifestyle.

"They are seriously considering the convenience of 'lock-and-go' versus a lifestyle tied to big homes," says Murray Lawson, to the Calgary Herald. The managing broker for Royal LePage Coast Capital Chatterton has been watching boomers seek out low-cost alternatives to the high rents and maintenance of the single-family dwelling lifestyle.

Carr stated that the downsizing of home mean that all the furnishings are going to have to be downsize as well. This trend got everyone involved inclding the Realtors as well as the furniture retail outlets. Condo buyers no longer can fit in king-sized bed for wall beds and smaller living room suits. No longer can they continued to have big comfy couch that looks perfect in the 240-foot living room in the traditional colonial. They are going to need a much small one in a 144-foot den in the luxury condo.

Moving consultant Jane Dewing in Calgary says it can actually be stressful, saying residents realize they "have to make conscious decisions to relinquish items they might have had for many years."

The article suggests that boomers downsize every 5 years and try to minimize the major downsizing at one time.

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