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Top Jobs For 50+

Top Jobs for 50+
By dhuso • Jan 16th, 2009

Retirees heading back to the workplace, take note: There are industries that cater to older workers. Many of those, according to Bob Skladany, Vice President of Research at, are business sectors experiencing labor shortages. Those industries include health care, home-aid, temporary staffing companies, retailers, transportation, nonprofits and financial services.

Deborah Russell, Director of Workforce Issues for AARP, says the health care and retail industries have consistent difficulties recruiting and retaining younger workers. The field of nursing, for example, has long suffered from a lack of trained professionals available to teach the next generation.

Financial planning is also a good profession to consider. “The financial services industry is driven by a desire to hire people who look like their customers,” Skladany says. And nonprofits cater to older workers because they are generally willing to accept lower salaries.

Skladany says retirees who want to go back to work can benefit from the current “knowledge shortage.” He says so many workers in fields like engineering and accounting are retiring that there are not enough young, degreed professionals to replace them.

Top 20 Jobs for Over-50 Workers

1. Nonprofit Executive
2. Patient Representative
3. Celebrant/Religious Leader
4. Financial Adviser
5. Public School Teacher
6. Appraiser (Residential Real Estate)
7. College Professor8. Day Care Center Teacher
9. IRA Specialist
10. Labor Relations Manager
11. Leasing Consultant
12. Lobbyist
13. Medical Records Coding Technician
14. Pension Administrator
15. Religious Educator
16. Department Retail Sales Manager
17. Retail Sales Staff
18. Staff Nurse (RN)
19. Tax Accountant II
20. Tutor

*From “If You’re Over 50—Top 20 Jobs for a Change,” and

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