Friday, December 21, 2007

13 Worst Places To Retire..

Dont quote me - this is the article from AOL Money site. It is a part of the 'RETIRE IN STYLE' series.

Worst Places to Retire
13 Places Seniors May Not Find So Warm and Welcoming

As boomers start to retire, more cities will be rolling out the red carpet trying to attract this new demographic. City planners hope these retirees will come with bundles of money to spend, but no kids to educate. Get ready for the sales pitch and keep in mind that such promises as year-round sun, a serene natural setting, or a thriving senior community can all have their downsides.

Clearwater City, Florida: Too Many Fellow Seniors

Austin, Texas: Hard Time Getting a Doctor who Takes Medicare

Anchorage, Alaska: Fewest Fellow Seniors

Bridgeport, Connecticut: Highest Taxes

Washington, DC: Most Poor Seniors

Rhode Island: Least Older Men

Provo, Utah: Most Youthful Population

Queens, New York: Violence and the Boulevard of Death

Connecticut: Deficient Nursing Homes

Your Kids’ House

Green Valley, Arizona: Trouble in a Sheltered Community

Corpus Christi, Texas: Hottest Feeling City

Riverside, California: Declining Property Values

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