Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This Show was for Boomers: On the radio with Steve Cooperstein

On Monday, we had Steve Cooperstein on the Financial Impact Factor Radio show with Paul Petillo, managing editor of BlueCollarDollar.com/Target2025.com and a fellow Boomer. Steve's recent book was the topic for today's show: “Implications of the Perceptions of Post Retirement Risk for the Life Insurance Industry: Inside Track Marketing Opportunity, But Requiring Focused Retooling”.

It may have been written for advisors and academics and the insurance industry, but in doing so it offers us some interesting insights into how these folks think about us: the end user. Did I mention that Steve is an actuary?

 We talked to him about annuities and Long Term Care Insurance, the impact both of these products have on all age groups, what is wrong with them and how they can be improved. We solved a great deal in the hour we had together!


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