Monday, October 3, 2011

New Book for Boomers and Their Kids

ReBuilding Wealth in a Paycheck to Paycheck World

I have been writing for BoomersRetirement for quite some time. And while I tend to address the concerns of this older demographic - being one myself - I don't want you to think we can do so and ignore those around us.

Yes, we need to be focused. But personal finance has become intra-personal with our kids (and their decisions) often impacting our decisions. So we owe it ourselves to make sure that we educate them in the basics. I wrote the first version of this book seven years ago and my how things have changed - even as they stayed the same. Someone once told me that if everyone had read it, we wouldn't be in as deep of a financial mess as we are in now.

So I updated it for 2011 and published my fifth book - this time with Smashwords! And a special offer to readers of this blog, ReBuilding Wealth in a Paycheck-to-Paycheck World by Paul Petillo is available for a limited time (until 10.29.11) when you can use this coupon code to get the ebook for half price or $1.50. The code for the coupon is UJ76Q This ebook is available across all platforms including iPad and iPhone, Amazon and Sony.

So download it for yourself. Give it to your kids. Tell anyone you know how important this is.

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