Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Our Good Government....Federal Fumbles Report Exposes Wasteful...

Federal Fumbles Report Exposes Wasteful (Okay Stupid) Federal Programs

by Jeff Dunetz | Nov 28, 2016 | U.S. News

Some of the worst programs (or best depending on your perspective) include:

#1 $180,000 grant for the development of a method to count and tag the sea duck population in America.
#2 $495,000 to fund a temporary exhibit for sights, sounds, tastes and yes, even smells of the Medieval period.
#3 $2 million, multi-year study about kids’ eating emotions, and how they don’t like to eat food that’s been sneezed on.
#4 $1 million contract for a photograph of a Yosemite waterfall to be cut up in six pieces and displayed on different floors.
#5 $200,000 to study “fish bone and ceramic fragments from a selection of households representing diverse levels of social standing to understand how the consumption of food “
#6 $250,000 to Sunsweet, a privately owned cooperative which has revenues in the hundreds of millions of dollars annually, to help them to market a new prune supplement.
#7 DOJ gave over 300 million in grants to sanctuary cities to help them fight crime. Of course one way to fight the crime would be not grant sanctuary to illegal immigrants, er.. criminally trespassing aliens.
#8 Obama’s $1.7 Billion in “ransom” payments to Iran.

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