Tuesday, August 16, 2011

On Arriving at the Dream...

Too often people tell me how much they’re “dreading” their retirement, and I’ve finally had enough.   To those who act as if retirement is something that might just sneak up on them at any time, I have one word… preparation.  With the right amount of research and preparation, your retirement can be everything you’ve ever dreamed of.  From long days on the golf course to Mediterranean luxury vacations, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your later years.  But first, you’ve got to earn it.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when thinking about and researching retirement, accompanied by some great resources for doing so…
  • ·      Where to Live – While Boca and Palm Springs have etched themselves out as iconic retirement communities, there are plenty of places all over the country that aren’t half bad to settle down in.  This cost of living comparison helps determine relative pricing and food indexes of any region or city in America, and if you’re considering purchasing a new home, you can compare real estate firms by location, number of properties and more with this commercial real estate comparison.
  • ·      Investments – When it comes to investing your money, there is certainly more than one way to skin a cat.  Nonetheless, it can never hurt to have a little advice, and this directory of investment advisors helps find investment advice by location, fees, advisory activities offered and more.  For those who think that hiring an investment advisor might be overdoing it, consider keeping your finances in line with some personal finance software.  If there is one thing to be said about your finances, you can never be too organized.
  • ·      Insurance – No retirement conversation is void of the topic of life insurance.  It’s can be a dismal topic, but an all-important one.  Researching insurance providers can be a lengthy process, but this tool makes everything much simpler than you might expect.
The earlier you start on planning your retirement, the earlier you might even be able to consider retiring.  The truth is, it’s never too early to start researching the next few decades of your life.  Use these resources, mixed with a few hours of due diligence a week, and you’re sure to be on your way to a happy retirement.