Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Financial Impact Factor - the Radio Show

Welcome to the second episode of the Financial Impact Factor. Your hosts Paul Petillo, Dave Kittredge and Dave Ng give you the inside information on a wide variety of financial topics that include talk about retirement, personal finance, investing and all things financial.

Today's show discusses the happiness factor (as we seem to be spending more this holiday season than we have in the last two years, we wonder if this is too soon and whether you can spend your way to happiness), your life lived frugally (can the current savings trend last and how does it impact your 401(k)) and the chances of working longer (will this benefit Baby Boomer women as they add a few of the missing work years to their retirement portfolios).

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Paul Petillo is the managing editor of Target2025.com/
BlueCollarDollar.com and a fellow Boomer.

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