Thursday, October 15, 2009

Social Networking.

Social Networking are being taken over by seniors and baby boomers.

I predicted 10+ years ago that Social Networking will be the next big thing.
I have several web sites and groups. My main site is I bought a profile package for my main site and it creates member profile which allows member to add their own photo, create their own mini blog, add their favorite friends and email to each other.

I asked the programmer that I bought the Profile Pro software to perhaps concentrat in creating a social networking software package. I would have love to have my Profile for my members to become a social networking site for baby boomers.

The programmer told me that he is too busy making software that he plans to sell in a box.

10 years later, Google Myspace and Facebook founders are all millionaires. I still dont have a good Profile software for my site lol

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